Bury Museum’s loans box service offers rare and inspiring resources for schools it gives children a chance to interact with artefacts, helping and encouraging them to learn.

The loans boxes contain a mixture of original artefacts, replicas, documents and photographs, with teacher’s notes. They may be used for History, Science and Art. They are mainly suitable for use with KS 1 & 2.

The Loans Boxes have links with National Curriculum subject areas such as Victorian Life, World War II, Toys of the Past. The artefacts can be used to support curriculum teaching through artwork, role-play, literacy, numeracy or hands-on investigation. Lesson plans are included with each loan box.

The aim of the service:

To borrow museum collections of the highest quality to support subjects across the curriculum.

To ensure that pupils can engage with the museum’s collections in a way that will stimulate, support and enrich their learning.

To recognise the importance of primary sources.

The service operates on a two-weekly basis. There are three boxes available to borrow WW2, Victorian Kitchen, and Toys. If you wish to enquire further, please contact Bury Art Museum on 0161 253 5878 or email: artgallery@bury.gov.uk